In Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction(SNCR) ammonia/urea solution is injected directly into the burn process.

Ammonia/Urea solution storage tank is filled up with Truck unloading unit

Dosing pump skid is used for pressure boosting and dosing of ammonia/urea solution from storage tank.

Mixing skid is the metering and controlling unit for the demi water and ammonia/urea mixture. Nozzle flow optimization is done in dosing panels.

Our typical SNCR-system delivery scope is:

  • Dosing pump skid
  • Mixing skid
  • Dosing panels
  • Lance and Nozzle pipes
  • Truck unloading unit

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is the most effective method of removing NOx from industrial plants.

In SCR aqueous ammonia is vaporized and mixed with heated dilution air in the static mixer. The mixture is conveyed to the distribution manifold and to ammonia injection grid.

Our typical SCR-system delivery scope is:

  • Dosing pump skid
  • Aqueous ammonia evaporator and Dilution air skid
  • Static mixer
Aqueous ammonia is pumped with Dosing pump skid from the storage tanks to the evaporator skid. Heated dilution air which functions as a carrier gas is mixed with ammonia vapour in the static mixer.

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